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  • FAQ's

    • Can you extend the time of my visa?

      To extend the time of your visa or apply for an adjustment of status, you must file Form I-539 before the expiration date of your visa.

      It is necessary to have the advice of a trusted lawyer to carry out this procedure, please contact us and we can help you.

    • How can I apply for asylum?
      The United States can provide asylum to those who are fleeing their native country for persecution based on race, religion, nationality, membership in social groups, or political opinion; Immigrants can apply for asylum at ports of entry to the United States by filing Form I-859, along with their application and a withholding of removal, to avoid being deported from the United States for one year.
    • What is naturalization? How can I become a legal citizen of the United States?

      Naturalization is a legal process with which a permanent resident can receive US citizenship, after having lived at least 5 years within the United States, and after passing a civics test in English, once approved they must take an oath to become in naturalized citizen.

      In the case of being the spouse of a United States citizen, naturalization only requires 3 years of legal residence in the United States.

    • How can I get my residence card (Green Card)?

      There are two ways you can receive your Residence Card (Green Card); The first is through a direct relative, if someone in your family is a permanent resident or a United States citizen, they can make a request so that you can have legal residence.

      The second way is to enter the country legally with a non-immigrant visa, and apply for an adjustment of status.

      An experienced lawyer like ours can always guide you correctly to carry out the process successfully.

    • What are the different types of visas?
      There are several types of visas for different purposes, they are classified as Non-Immigrant Visa, referring to visas for specific times; and the Immigrant Visa, also known as the Green Card.