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There are two powerful reasons why I am an immigration lawyer.

The first reason is my own immigrant story. I came to the United States the same way many of my clients came: unlawfully. It took ten years before I was granted lawful permanent residence. During those ten years, I went through and felt everything that many people experience while waiting for their own cases to be resolved: doubt, nervousness, desperation, and fear. I believe that no one should feel that way while dealing with their immigration case, and because of that, I have made it my mission to ensure that my client’s cases are handled as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

The second reason is that while in law school, I won my very first immigration case. My client was a professional soccer player from Africa who spoke out about the horrific conditions in his country. He was arrested by the military and taken to a secret jail where he was tortured. I was able to tell my client’s story and he was granted asylum. My law school professor told me, “You just saved a person’s life.” I have never forgotten those words.

These two reasons drive me to do the best job possible for my clients. I have experienced what my clients are going through, and I understand how important it is to do things right and to win.

Today, my immigration practice focuses on helping you and your family achieve the American Dream. I help my clients get their permanent residence, apply for citizenship, petition their family members, and start their businesses in this country. I want you to feel confident that my knowledge, experience, and passion for immigration law will be a good match to help you on your own immigrant journey. Let’s start your American Dream together.

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